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Stay OFF Impurities, Harmful Chemicals, Micro-organisms, Acidity, Excess Chlorine And Fortify Your Drinking Water With the NO.1 Water purifier That Many Nigerians Are Now Testifying About.


Once you get this water purifier, your water will be 100% save to drink and you don't need to buy pure water or table water never again

This 4 Layer water purifier that I am about to introduce to you has helped many Nigerian families and offices to improve the quality of their water and to live a healthy life that is FREE from illness and waterborne disseases that is associated with borehole, watertank & well water.

 Over 99.9% Purification Assurance as Certified by WHO

No Doubt; 

This will help you if you really care about the quality of the water you drink and wants to keep FREE of all water borne diseases.

Kwame from Accra, Ghana

At first, when I saw this product on Naij, I was hesitant about buying this product but my wife insisted I buy it for her. When the delivery person came to deliver the product, I was amazed on how well packaged and very easy to use the product appeared, the water purifier is  just so useful and irresistible as a German product with full purifying assurance and serial number inscribed on the body.

It also comes with the installation manual that my 12year old boy used to install it on our home taps. Infact, we washed it after about 2weeks of use... Damn it! I was so shocked to see the amount of dirty stuffs such as (mud, sediment, odour, rust, moss, tiny bloodworms & excess chlorine) that this 4 layer purifier has captured/filtered for us which would have gone into our body system.  Since then I have gotten three pieces, two for my family and one for my office and my children & I has since then been FREE from water related diseases such as coughs, dryness, re-occuring typhoid and so on. 

No wonder,hundreds of families and offices are now using this innovative water purifier for several reasons- It works and nothing is as good as having the ability to improve the quality of your drinking water at the comfort of your home and office.

This 4 Element Ceramic Layer Water purifier that I am talking about actually works incredibly well to filter/eliminate water chemicals, impurities and diseases arising from diverse water sources such as:

  • House/Water Tanks
  • Sludge / Lime
  • Mud / Rust
  • Animals / Bugs Remains
  • Chemical elements such as excess chlorine, lead, Mercury which are extremely harmful to our health
  • Microbiological Contaminants 

Anyway, this is for you if...

You care about the quality of the water you drink and wants to keep water borne diseases far from you


The 4 Element Ceramic Layer Water purifier = 99.9% purification assurance!

This 4 Element Ceramic Layer Water purifier has an exclusive double handling which helps you to choose between a filtered water or normal tap water.

See What Others Are Saying Below. . . 

The install was very straight forward and easy to do. There are a lot of attachments added in order to fit more faucets as well as gaskets and Teflon tape. There were no leaks from the start and everything went really well. The water tastes better and comes out cleaner than before. There is a good flow as well. It is a great purchase for the price. I highly recommend it.

 Anthony Kwame Asare


This came with instructions that made it easy to install. They have several rings to match to your faucet. It definitely made a difference in our ability to drink from our sink. We have not changed the filter yet but we do not have any leaking. It’s an easy flip of a switch to change back over to the non filter side. It does change your water flow to more of a shower spray setting. I like this but others may not. I am happy with this purchase.

Faith Acholla

 I am so happy with this product. Water taste is far superior quality than what we get with normal filters. The faucet even gives out an impressive spray! Easy to install. Excited to rid hundreds of wasteful plastic water bottles from my home.


Yaw Mensah


I switched to the Waterdrop system after having many problems with the other system I bought. This product is everything that the other system wasn't. It was very easy to install, the water tastes great, it doesn't leak, the filter stays in place and doesn't pop off every time you use it, and there's five times more water flow. It would take five minutes to fill the coffee pot with the Brita, where with the Waterdrop it fills in seconds. Thank you so much for putting an effort into its design. It really paid off! The old system went into the trash!

Doris Petra





1 Water Purifier (1 Piece=one set)

GH₵ 200

(Formerly GH₵ 300)


2 Water Purifiers (2 Pieces=Two sets)

GH₵ 380

(Formerly GH₵ 440)


3 Water Purifiers (3 Pieces=Three sets)

GH₵ 570

(Formerly GH₵ 665)


Note - Please be sure you are FULLY ready for Product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you place an order. 


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