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An open letter to every pregnant woman who wants to protect her unborn child while driving but doesn't want to use the traditional car seat belt....

Dear Friend,

By the time you finish reading this letter, you'll know the safest method of protecting yourself and your unborn child from road traffic accidents while driving.


But before I continue, I would love to ask you a question.....


Has anyone ever told you that your normal car seat belt can be potentially dangerous to both you and your unborn child?


Wondering why I said so?



This is because during an accident, the extreme force exerted onto your belly from the lap belt will be extremely harmful to the unborn baby inside you.


That is why for expectant mothers the seat belt in its original design, does more harm than good.


Does this mean you shouldn't drive with a seat belt?


Noooo, not at all. That is not what I mean.


Which is why I would love to introduce you to.......


Our MimiBelt which is 100% safe for all pregnant women.

I know you might be thinking?...

How is this belt different from the normal seat belt?


Now, let me tell you what this belt does...


The MimiBelt redirects the lap belt away from your belly, securing the seat belt on the legs (not across the lower belly where it can injure your unborn baby).

This helps to eliminate the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or road accidents.

The Mimi Belt is a legally made seatbelt adjuster and unlike traditional vehicle seatbelts, it has been designed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their baby whilst on the road.

It does this by transforming the traditional seatbelt into a 3-point lap sash - a seatbelt configuration recommended for pregnant women

It can be fitted onto car seats of vehicles, allowing for a comfortable drive whilst ensuring the safety of yourself and the growing belly.


I'm so glad I bought this!

I bought this for my daughter, which is pregnant with her first child. My son in law installed it in her Honda CRV. She had it several months never thinking she would have to use it, but that day came yesterday. She was in a terrible car accident in which she was hit from the passenger side and the front and whole quarter panel. My son in law said that the seat belt worked keeping the pressure of the stomach and baby. She was released from the hospital this morning and just has soreness.


Great buy! I love it!

This exceeds my expectations. I didn't expect such good, very STRONG and HARD plastic, and the strap is strong and thick! This was definitely a great buy and I'm glad I got this. I'll probably be ordering another one to have one in both cars. I just got it and I haven't installed it into my car just yet, which is also why there is no picture of it in my car. The seller called me to confirm my order, and I got this 3 days after ordering. I definitely recommend this product for pregnant mamas out there!


Totally worth the price!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I did need a bit of help to push the belt through and under the seat (short arms), but once it was's been smooth sailing. It makes the drive much more comfortable without the bottom of the seat belt crossing the bottom of my belly. The belt crosses securely across my chest and over both thighs. Lagos driving causes you to slam on brakes quite a bit (I think turn signals are optional here or something...LOL!), so when the belt locks, I can feel the tightening on my thighs to keep me securely in place. It's a wonderful device!!! I always recommend it to my OB patients in the office!.


Easy to Install!

Easy to install and seems pretty stable. I had bought a different, slightly cheaper version else where and this one is definitely much better. The strap is pretty solid and the clip is good at keeping the strap in place.
In addition to everyday car use, I also used it to go riding in a side-by-side UTV. Even with all the movement from off-roading, it held up great


I love it!

Install was super easy on this and it's so comfortable not having the seatbelt sit right on my stomach. Exactly what I wanted plus it looks like its made out of quality materials. Definitely recommend to mammas out there.


Very Unique Gift Idea!

My hubby got this for me after watching me start to struggle under my seat belt with my baby bump growing. This makes safety so much more comfortable!





NOTE: Once the counter timer hits 0:0:0:0 ...  The price goes back to normal...This offer will only last for today!


One Pregnant Car Seat Belt=

NOW: TSh110,000

FORMERLY: TSh220,000

Two Pregnant Car Seat Belts=

NOW: TSh206,000

FORMERLY: TSh400,000

Three Pregnant Car Seat Belts=

NOW: TSh310,000

FORMERLY: TSh600,000

To Order Fill In The Form Below

(Payment On Delivery Accepted)

Note: Only fill the form if you will be available and have the cash ready to pick up your product


    Name: Mimi car seat belt
    Colour: Black,White,Green
    Seat belt length: about 1.55 meters/61.02inch
    Applicable models: universal for all models
    Applicable people: pregnant women, puerpera, abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, big belly, beer belly, etc. do not like the belly bound people

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